Free Geopatial Searching Web Service @

This site allows you to insert your data (whether or not it is geocoded) and allows you to use a webservice to query the data eith by searching geospatially (by distance from a central point) or by maxmimum bounding rectangle/MBR (finding all points within a rectangle as you may want to grab everything located within a rectangular map).

To get started, go to the setup section. It is a 3-phased creation:

  1. Register your email and password
  2. Create a Table (you can create multiple different tables) - tables are separate containers of records
  3. Insert data - this tool manages all of the geocoding and searching for you

Once complete, you can start testing out the searching. Jut use the form on the page, take note of the url structure, and replicate it within your interface using any language you like (php, perl, javascript, or anything that can parse JSON or XML).

Detailed instructions and documentation are available here.

...and remember, it's free!!!

Please make sure to provide feedback!!!